5 Best Gumroad Alternatives For Low Fees in 2024

For years now, one of easiest ways to sell digital wares directly to customers has been the widely-known Gumroad website.

But it may not be the ideal option for everyone, especially if you have specialized needs or want to compare prices.

And especially since they announced flat fee increase going into effect on January 31, 2021.

Since you don’t want to pay those high fees on each sale, we’ve found some great options that are intended to fill that void.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Gumroad, this post will walk you through some of the best solutions, including details like pricing and features.

If you’re a creator or builder with a digital product to sell, such as an ebook, a course, or anything else, you’ll find a service here that works for you.

Let’s go right in and check out some of the most promising current alternatives to Gumroad.

1. Lemon Squeezy

lemon squeezy

This right here just might be the best Gumroad alternative, with my only major complaint here being that they aren’t setup to let you have affiliates for your products.

What’s great about Lemon Squeezy is that they are a merchant of record, meaning they can take care of all those pesky tax compliance details and forms for you.

Here are the top benefits of using Lemon Squeezy to sell digital products:

  • Flat 5% fee for sales
  • multi-currency support
  • PayPal integration available
  • AI Fraud prevention
  • No-code checkout links
  • Recurring billing/subscriptions
  • Can sell bundles/upsells
  • Can offer coupon codes

Overall, Lemon Squeezy is a pretty awesome alternative to Gumroad.

I just wish they had a native option for creating affiliates for your products.

Check out Lemon Squeezy here.

2. ConvertKit Commerce

convertkit commerce

While primarily known as an email marketing tool, ConvertKit does have the ability to be a Gumroad replacement for you thanks to ConvertKit Commerce.

What’s great about ConvertKit Commerce is that you can use it with both free and paid ConvertKit plans.

The only cost of this feature is the industry-standard 3.5% + $0.30 processing fee per transaction.

Sounds good, right?

To get started, all you need to do is set up payments and create a product to start selling. Cha-ching!

Do note that this is not available in all countries just yet.

Currently, the following countries are supported: United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

Support for other countries is coming soon!

Just some of the things you can sell via ConvertKit include:

  • E-books
  • Courses
  • Sponsorships
  • Music
  • Presets
  • Exclusive newsletter

While you don’t need a Stripe account to use this service, there is one important thing to note – they do not currently have a way to charge taxes on products, but will in the future.

Other important things to note:

  • You can offer subscriptions
  • You can offer discount codes
  • You cannot offer bundles (may change in the future)

Sign up for ConvertKit here.

3. ShopRocket

If you’d like to know exactly how much you’ll spend each month in fees for selling digital products, then ShopRocket is the ideal Gumroad alternative for you.

Unlike most platforms, ShopRocket charges you a set monthly fee instead of basing your fee on how much sales you do each month.

ShopRocket currently has three different pricing plans for you to choose from; each with different levels of access to support, management, and advertising features. 

shoprocket pricing

Probably the most interesting feature ShopRocket offers is the abandoned cart recovery feature.

Learn more about ShopRocket here.

4. Podia

While I am most familiar with Podia as a way to sell courses, you can actually use it to sell pretty much any digital product.

podia logo

In addition to courses, you can use Podia to sell downloads, webinars, communities, coaching, and memberships on a single platform. Podia also includes a complete website builder, advanced email marketing tools, and affiliate features, helping many creators replace 3-6+ tools, including Gumroad.

The best part of selling with Podia is the lack of fees – At Podia, there are no transaction fees on paid plans!

At Podia, plan fees range from Free, or $39/month to $199/month.

And for transaction fees for your sales, that is either 8% on free plans OR no transaction fees on paid plans!

For creators who want to use a platform that let’s them have affiliates, Podia is a great choice.

You can have affiliates if you are on the Shaker plan, or higher.

Learn more about Podia here.

5. Kajabi


Kajabi is another option for creators looking to replace Gumroad, but my main quibble with them is that you are limited in the number of products you can sell based on the pricing plan you’re on.

Here’s what those product limitations look like:

  • 3 products in the Basic plan
  • 15 products in the Growth plan
  • 100 products in the Pro plan

And honestly, I think their plans are kinda pricey compared to the other options on this page.

But you can sell pretty much any type of digital product that you can think of via Kajabi.

With Kajabi, you set your account up to take payments via Stripe or PayPal (or both).

That means you pay the fees that payment processor charges – 2.9%  plus $0.30 per transaction. You won’t see any additional fees siphoned off by Kajabi.

Learn more about Kajabi here.

Final Word

As you can see, there are some great Gumroad alternatives with much lower fees than the new 10% that Gumroad charges in 2023.

If you want to move to a platform that lets you have affiliates, then we think that Podia is the best Gumroad replacement for you.

If you want to pay the same amount in fees each month, then ShopRocket is the best alternative for you.

If you want the platform with the lowest fees and the most flexibility in how many products you can sell, then ConvertKit is the best Gumroad alternative for you.